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  • Inmersive Chamber

    A differentiating and versatile space thanks to the 21x3 metre curved screen with high HDR resolution and equipment for projection on the floor, ambisonic audio, the ability to even impregnate your event with a tailor-made aroma, continuous air renewal system, bleachers for 100 people, and multiple other benefits. Furthermore, next to this room we have two open-plan rooms, which can be connected to each other, and an open-air walkway, will adapt to all possible needs in a complementary ...

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  • Footbridges and viewing platform

    An enclave overflowing with magic for filming locations and holding exclusive events for small groups. It is the highest point of Setas de Sevilla that gives added value to your event. A dream setting for a memorable moment.  Two footbridges cross the largest wooden structure in the world in a staggered manner and at different levels until they link the two at the Viewing Platform, the highest point of this route at 28.5 metres high. Its plasticity, contrast and play of light make it t ...

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  • Plaza Mayor

    Our main square, named the Plaza Mayor is a meeting place that radiates life. The Plaza Mayor is sports, music, culture and leisure. It is a space designed to accommodate large mass events. An open space and under the shelter of the largest wooden structure in the world. A space for everyone fully accessible from all cardinal points. With almost 4,000 square metres and standing five metres high, it is the largest shaded pedestrian plaza in Seville, which provides added value to any event at any ...

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  • Imagen Parasol- South gateway

    This space is the heart of Setas de Sevilla, an exclusive enclave for your brand event. Its unique location at street level, next to the main access to the Monument and the Market of the Incarnation, make it a privileged place with a unique impact capacity in Seville. The area consists of more than 150 square metres that constitute the best exhibitor for Sevillianos, tourists, public transport users and, ultimately, targets of all ages, so direct marketing and advertising actions find a stage h ...

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  • Antiquarium Museum, closer to culture

    The Antiquarium Museum features a historical and cultural atmosphere perfect for events and exhibitions. Its multi-purpose and open-plan room offers independent access, a cloakroom and the technical equipment you may need. 1,000 square metres of history and sophistication at your disposal. Its glazed walls allow the option of having the Museum itself as a background, which adds a touch of distinction to any event of a cultural nature. For more privacy, a curtain system isolates the different ar ...

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