The Monument

History and construction

All eyes are focused on the great parasol that comprises the largest wooden structure in the world. A grid built with Kerto Q that maintains the balance between growth and care for the city of Seville and its history.

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The levels

The Setas de Sevilla complex features 5 levels. Five levels in which the essence of this city is revealed, one by one. Each level offers you a cultural, leisure and historical experience that is part of the meaning of experiencing Seville.

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Hostelry and services

A place of encounter and reunion. An area to enjoy Sevillian gastronomy and the warmth of its people, both during the day and at night. And all, under the shelter of our parasol in the heart of the old town of Seville.

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The Antiquarium Museum

The roots of Seville are forged in this cultural melting pot, at every step, in every corner history is unearthed. The Antiquarium Museum is the largest site from the Roman era in the city of Seville, where remains from the 1st century are found.

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