The levels


A meandering walkway runs over the largest wooden structure in the world that will gradually discover the city until you reach its highest point, the Viewing Platform, the only point at very heart of the city from which to enjoy stunning views over Seville spanning 360 degrees. A privileged location from which to plan the visit through streets and monuments, under the vibrant light of the city and its magical sunsets ...


Setas de Sevilla is located in the very centre of the city, providing the heartbeat to its daily life, meaning on our 10th Anniversary we wish to gift beats with our new experiences. From the unparalleled light and sound of our nights on the Viewing Platform with Aurora, to the awakening of all the senses through the immersive experience Feeling Sevilla, you will feel at one with the city. And as the best complement to the tour: our free APP, as more than a simple guide, we offer you perfect companionship.


We are a Living Space, each day that passes in our Plaza Mayor, is a unique and special day. One more day in which friends, families and tourists return; a day filled with daily scenes that endow it with life. It is a place of celebration, music, sport. A place to worship the joyous nature of life itself.


This area provides the most popular soundtrack to Setas de Sevilla. An area where you can enjoy the warmth of the people, under the protection of our building. A vibrant space, brimming over with life in which to enjoy the gastronomy of Seville.


What are the flavours of Seville? Discover them in the Mercado de la Encarnación, a market where the harmony of tradition and modernity stand firm. The ideal place to treat yourself to the gastronomy of our city, stroll through its stalls and gift your palate the pleasure of tasting our land's products.


At this level, you will find the largest archaeological site in the city of Seville where all the remains in situ are preserved from the 1st century to the Almohad period. Along with its access you will also find our ticket office and entrance for the climb to the Footbridges, Viewing Platform and Immersive Chamber. The past and future of our city